Covet Fashion Cheats Tips and Hack 2020

covet fashion cheats

Today we will discuss a fashion game that will fulfill your aspiration of becoming the Fashion Designer.

The game has thousands of fashion competitions where you can take part. Follow the tips below to start with the game.


Every day you gain a hundred diamonds and 20 tickets for free, so you should log into every day even if you don’t want to play.

You may also get any bonus from ongoing competitions in the same region.   It’s great to get those ASAP too to get more cash for clothes and products.

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Spend your cash carefully

You’re going to get some real cash crunch, especially when you start the game. Cash and diamond will never seem to be enough. Hence, when you begin to play, it’s very crucial to use them carefully.

One of the best methods to do that is to just concentrate on clothes required for the particular campaign you intend to take part in. On the other hand, if you spend on whatever you get, you will be facing trouble soon. Getting unlimited money is difficult in the game unless you have a fat wallet.

The best part of the game is to reuse or lend clothes. However, there is a limitation of reuse.

Another aspect of the game is to use materials that can be accessed through cash. There would be items that can be available through diamonds. Try to get your hands off from spending diamonds at first instance.

Just keep in mind about various spams that is circulating around online world. Never use any online cheat that offers a survey and offers before revealing the cheats for this game. Instead, you can use some legit covet fashion hack no survey option available on various reputed portals.

Pay attention in details

Paying minute details in the requirement of any competition is essential. So before you start designing you should carefully read the conditions.

In a broader aspect, you must try to fulfill these requirements from your existing closet. If you can’t, you should get these things.

In some of the challenges, you get additional points for using items the first time. So don’t use your rewarded clothes primarily.

Instead, have a look at the daily events and quests. If you find some items are useful to preserve, keep them and use at the right moment.

Get a higher closet’s value

Closet value is also a vital thing that gets increased as you level up. The higher the closet value, you can store items more conveniently.

But you should always keep some balance closet value as your rewards will not come to you unless you have some space in your closet.

Vote honestly

It is an essential feature of the game and the best way to earn tickets. The best part of the game is that the designs are voted by players only.

It can be essential to vote in the right manner. Since you must understand that as you will vote others, someone else will vote you as well.

As we told, your every vote counts; for every five-vote, you get one ticket. Tickets are equally essential to take part in the next competitions.

So vote as much as you can and grab all the tickets for your next competition.

Have Friends

Connecting the game account with Facebook has an additional benefit. It will reward some gifts at the initial instance.

Also, the other advantage is that you can get items from your friends. These items do not count, and you need not spend a dime to grab them.

Wrap Up

That will be all for now. If you can follow all of them, you can play the game without any hassle.

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