Call Of Duty Mobile – A Smart Beginner Guide For Smart Players!

call of duty mobile beginners guide to smarter gameplay

Having a game like Call Of Duty Mobile is really an amazing thing because we can use it as a great recreational activity. You can play this game on the mobile phone.

As the game is shooting so, it will come with lots of weapons those are used in various modes. If we talk about the multiplayer modes, then the name of TDM comes on apex in which you can play along with the other friends.

Simply create an account and send an invitation to other player to join your clan in the game. Consequently, you can give challenges to other players to play in the various multiplayer modes.

Use the chopper perfectly!

There is helicopter in the COD mobile game, so when you are going to use the vehicle like the car, then it is really easy to handle, but if we talk about the helicopter, then it becomes quite complicated to handle.

Hence the chopper will also allow you to fire while you are on the top of the building, but it is really important to handle the helicopter when enemies are firing on your continuously.

In addition to this, you should simply fly in the helicopter only when you are playing the solo because if you are taking the squad, then there would be a threat to your squad if you are flying in the air.

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Learn the great method to use variously throwable

In the game called Call OF Duty, there are various kinds of throwable that are possible to be used apart from the generic smoke, frag, and other is the stun grenade.

Let me start from the smoke, this weapons is possible to be used when you are facing any tricky situations so when you need backup, and you want that nobody should see you then simply use the smoker.

Stun grenade can help you to blind the other enemy for a couple of seconds. As far as the grenade concern, then players can use it to kill the whole squad, but it will work according to the time.

Crouch and slide flawlessly!

If you understand the controllers of the Call OF Duty perfectly, then, you must understand that it also includes the option of crouch and slide as well.

Basically, people just need to pay attention to the character, especially when you are playing the TPP, so it will depend on the location that you need to crouch or simply slide.

If you find a small wall, then simply get crouch that will help you to stay always hide and suddenly attack on the enemy if he is comes near to you. It is the smartest cod mobile hack already used by the pro players of the COD game.

Use the drones in multiplayer mode!

Players are able to use the drone and other great missile when they have to continue the streak of killing other enemies in the game. Especially, in the multiplayer mode, we can easily use the weapons at the accurate time.

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