A Complete Strategy Guide For Simcity Buildit

simcity buildit strategy guide

Collection of huge amount of currency is the first aim of every player. Game currency is the only thing that helps in getting success and completes the tasks those are appointed by game.

In case of SimCity BuildIt, sources for collection of resources are less comparatively its demand. By collecting taxes you are able to earn game currency. You should log in the game account of daily basis and collect the amount of tax. In this way, you can quickly gather a big amount of game currency.

Main thing is happiness of citizens. If you are charging taxes at high rates or excessive then it leads to unhappy sims. You should perform each and every activity or take any decision by paying attention to this aspect. Only happy citizen want to pay tax and helps you in growing the city.

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Pay Attention to Residential Area

With the development and advancement of city, you should also pay attention to residential areas. Some players prefer the development of factories and other earning sources only. It helps them in gathering funds but somewhere they are lacking.

Players should also focus on developing and making a good residential area where Sims get lots of facilities. When citizens of that area become happy completely and not want to leave it then you get success. For it first step is neighborhood.

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You need to build more residential builds with sims for providing a neighborhood to your existing citizens. In this task, the placement of building plays very important role. You should place all residential building close of each other. In upgrading or making new buildings you are required to take help from stores and factories.

With the help of factories, you can gather materials for constructing new building. From the stores, you will get items for furnishing them or providing a good and attractive in the end. You can say that a good building is the result of best mixture of items and materials. It also depends on the utilization of resources properly.

Main Motive While Playing the SimCity BuildIt

When you are developing the city at that time you need to give little focus on overall layout of city. You should make sure that overall it looks good and leaves a good impression on others.

Residential units and things those are associated with it are very helpful in all achieving these motives. You are required to build residential building for increasing the number of citizens as much possible.

Construct building those are providing them good services and add an entertaining content in their life such as; parks. In the expansion of city, you also need to increase the capacity of currency storages.

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