2 Tips And Strategies To Play Modern Combat 5!

When it comes to playing Modern Combat 5 smoothly, then it is essential to focus on main strategies. Not only it helps a user to run the game smoothly but also permits a user to become a pro player.

It allows all the users to use their spare time and reduce all mental strain. Modern Combat 5 is launched by Gameloft with more advanced features in addition to multifunction.

Here a user can either play the game alone or can create a team of friends to challenge other online players. More players from around the world compete with different users to make friends and to enjoy more.

So, you can enjoy the game by feeling the real shooting experience. Let’s discuss about useful tips and strategies to play the game.

Keep the focus on earning currency

Two types of currencies are used in Modern Combat 5 to buy various items and to boost up the level.

  • Credits
  • Diamond dust

Credits are considered as the premium currency of the game, which allows a user to unlock multiple rifles with more features. Not only buying the weapons it is also used in purchasing supply packs and the black market.

On the other hand, if we talk about it is considered as the primary currency of the game from which various items can be unlocked.

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One can upgrade the weapons and to run the supply packs by collecting this currency. So, it is recommended to focus on earning more money by using some modern combat 5 cheats like completing missions, participating in events, campaigns, and classes.


Don’t miss up the game tutorial, which helps to get aware of multiple functions, features, weapons, and much more. If you are a beginner to Modern Combat 5, then it is recommended to keep the focus on the game tutorial which helps to know about every single thing.

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